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Dec 28, 2009
Category: Everyday News
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Miss Olivia Lindsey made her way into the world at 12:10 this morning.  Tiny at 7.3 pounds.  Mama and baby are well, and all siblings rambunctiously excited about their sister (BTW - boys haven't won a tie breaker since Naomi... *smile*)


Love to all,

Elisabeth Lindsey

Dec 27, 2009
Category: Everyday News
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Us older five were in the studio studiously (no pun intended) recording and producing for the completion of the collection of hymns CD's when there was a call from none other than John and Joyce Rossbach who were with family in Nashville over the holiday's and wanted to pop up and see us!  Always a pleasure!

We spent the greater part of the day with them - mostly getting new and good tips and information... (they're both good at that! *wink*)

Miss Joycie is a wealth of knowledge (no offense Mr. R!) and she re-inspired my inspiration to start up square dancing and tapping (clogging, step dancing).  I'd forgotten how much I like square dancing!

They even brought along Banjo (their dog... :-) )  Isn't that name creative?!

I guess we didn't really give a forewarning about that CD project.  We're working hard to complete the Hymns Collection so that we can begin the process of revamping our set lists to more original material.  Joy, joy.  We'll hopefully have this project finished by the Texas trip and a whole new set worked up....but you know how things go!

Keep checking in...we'll be around more in a couple weeks!

With love,

Elisabeth for Lindsey Land

Dec 23, 2009
Category: Everyday News
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Often in our ministry we tire of all the work involved when it seems that it's not doing that much in people's lives.  We all find great inner motivation when we see the fruit.  It's difficult for us to plow the ground that others get to plant seeds in, and others get to grow the harvest.  Yet in God's Kingdom I think that not one of those jobs is less than another, and not one of them any more fruitful.  We experienced this last night with a phone call from someone that loves our music.  Her testimony touched us all deeply.  I'd like to share it with you all,.

Her husband had not been faithful to God for many, many years.  He had to be dragged to church, and was not at all reticent to inform those who greeted him that he was there not of his desires.  A hard man.  His wife prayed for him for years and years a believer herself.  It was through the abundant grace of God and a chain of events begun years ago by God (our music ministry, our relocation to Kentucky, a meeting with a man before we moved that invited us to this church to play) that this man was saved last year at our concert.  On a side note, this concert was two days after a dear friend of ours drowned and we did the gig anyway because we felt called to honor our word.  Even though our hearts were not really looking forward to it.  Some of my family recalls meeting this man and his wife and the man saying with tears streaming down his face how blessed he had been.  We didn't think of it again until a month or so ago when we played a concert at the Columbia Downtown days in Kentucky and this couple approached us backstage with this incredible light of their faces - an unexplained joy.  When they shared with me just how much this man's life had changed because of us doing what the Lord called us to do, I called more of my family over and asked them to share with them as well.  We were honored and humbled by their story.  Again, we sort of forgot about it.

We heard a couple weeks ago through some friends during a flash flood over near Columbia that a woman had gotten stuck in the creek in her car and a man (her husband) had come in with a tractor to get her out.  The tractor had flipped and the man was washed away (found 17 miles down stream).  We were shocked, but didn't think too long about it.

The woman that called last night was the man's wife.  The man was the one that got saved at our concert.  The man who many testify changed so much in the last year that is was perfectly clear that his life had done a complete turnaround.  He never came to the alter in front of the gathering to openly testify, but his life changed completely.  His wife was radiant, and there was so much joy.  And she called to tell us that the last couple of weeks have been so much easier for her because she knows where he is.  When we finally connected all the dots we were again amazed and humbled at how the Lord works.

Blessings to you all,

The Lindsey Family

Dec 4, 2009
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Jared did back up for a young lady friend of ours as she sang a few songs last night at a Veterans dinner.  I tagged along with him and ended up serving food... :-)  Anyway, the head guy asked if Jared would play a banjo song or two.  Jared did one, and they wanted another one, so he asked for suggestions and Stephen Poindexter (who by the way is running for our District Judge) asked for dueling banjos.  Which was a complete oxy-moron because obviously you need two banjo players to accomplish even the TITLE of the song!  Well, my ever surprising me brother looked up in this state of "hmmm...I don't think that will work" and then proceeded to surprise me by saying "okay.  I can do that!"  I was like "oh boy!"  but people, he played dueling banjos with himself to the GREAT amusement of everyone present... :-)  I think I will never again underestimate a banjo picker!

Most Sincerely,


Dec 2, 2009
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Life is never normal in Lindsey Land, nor does it ever slow down!  A friend asked me on the phone last night with this hilarious incredulous lilt to his voice "do you guys ever NOT work?"  Big laugh!

We had a really pleasant blessing on Sunday when a couple taht had seen us at a festival in NY showed up at one of our concert's in KY... :-)  They had driven five hours that morning to come and see us from TN where they were with friends.  And God used the gentleman to encourage Papa's very DIScouraged heart.  We were honored and blessed.

Sometimes our crowd can be hilarious.  As the song says "there's one in every crowd".  This lady on Sunday evening was whispering very loudly behind me to her friend naming off instruments with this enthusiastic "oh, I know what that one is!!!"  She got through most of them - the A and F style mandolin really confused her, but she pulled through.  I was facing the front and trying to hide my amusement when she pointed at the bass and whispered REALLY loudly "what on earth is that swelled up guitar thingy??"  I burst out laughing!  The husband of her friend told me when I turned around that they found her on the street and they were thinking about taking her back!

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving spent with lots of friends.  Great fellowship, good food, and fun!

Jared was banging around in the studio the other day...again...  Drums are unforgiveably loud!  He's written a new REALLY awesome song...  I like it better than Love Hurts.  Hopefully he will link his web page to our site soon so you all can go listen!

As for's cold, rainy, dreary, and I'm in high spirits despite it!  The guys are back working on our new dwelling so we're praying the weather won't be what it says it's going to be - 20 and below at nights.  And our bus heat pump doesn't work below 30*.  Why that is I'm sure I don't know, but I'm sure I could chat extensively about it with whoever installed and/or invented such a worthless contraption!

Two weeks left before number eleven graces our home.  I think Mama's beyond ready.  Her stomach was literally jolting her last night!  I looked over and she had this awed expression on her face like "how in the world is the thing doing that?"  I think it's feeling claustraphobic...  I sort of sympathize with the internal beating the thing's giving Mama!

We're in the process of working out a new set for the quicly upcoming Texas trip.  We'll be doing a concert with the Link Family and the Greer Family while we're there (not sure when) but I think it will be great.  Both family's are a lot of fun to be around, and I'm sure we'll have a wonderful time.  At any rate, the "new" Lindsey Family band will hopefully be in full effect by that time.  Slow going though I have to admit.

I'm also scheming to get a little vacation time in on S. Padre Island.  I think we've nailed it a bit because my whole family is feeling the need for vacation, but now I'm trying to connive and get some friends to come along!  What better way to spend a few days?  Beaches, friends, laughter, fun, talking, swimming, etc...etc... Hmmm...can't think of much!  And no better inspiration to write a song either!  That environment just keeps 'em coming!

Well, you all have the greatest day!  I'm sure I will :-)


Elisabeth for the bunch


Nov 26, 2009
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Hey guys!

God gave you a gift of 86,400 seconds today.  Have you used one to say "thank you?"  ~William A. Ward

I'm discovering the art of thankfulness - Practice makes perfect... :-)

Have a blessed day you all!

Elisabeth for The Lindsey Family


Nov 23, 2009
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This Weekend's Top Ten:

1...Grandpa joined us in Pierce for the weekend!  Always a laugh, joy, joke, and a smile!  And if he fails at any other sport he's great at ping-pong. :-)  He remains the king so far in Lindsey Land!

2...the school is looking great!  So much work those guys have put into it!  I'm so proud of them.  They've worked so hard, and despite their complaining that it's a mess and it's overwhelming, they're doing awesome!  It can be so discouraging in a project to not have even ONE place to go that is complete and doesn't need work.  They're handling it admirably!

3...We did the video footage for the ABC Extreme Home Makeover courtesy of a videographer in Bowling Green, KY on Saturday.  It was fun, however, different!

4...We had two concerts in our community on Sunday and finally discovered where all of our neighbors are from whereas before we really felt like we couldn't possiby have so many - they were simply living in the sky!  From where we are we can't see the "real" community, but in the three mile long drive to Oak Grove Baptist Church on Sunday morning I counted 73 homes...and met most of the people living in them!  We've begun this little stunt where people have begun coming up to us and we seem them forming the words "Hi!  I'm your new neighbor!"  And just for clarification, you hear that and think "awesome!" about one hundred times before you start getting really...ummm...confused. :-)  So we've begun to interupt them as they finish the "hi" part and say "oh, are you my new neighbr, too?!" :-)  They laugh at us! Don't let those seemingly back country roads fool you!  There's hair salons, restaurants, dairy farms and convenience stores dotted here and there and everywhere... :-)

5...I cleaned the boys bathroom at the school - after the showers were installed.  I'm still trying to figure out how in the world compound joint got on the 12 (or ten, very little difference) foot CEILINGS.  Wow, wow, wow!  I couldn't figure out how to get it off either...oh well, the commodes and floors and stalls kept me busy for three solid hours.  I can't wait to attack the girls room!  LOL!

6...I call this an event, but it's really very sad to us.  Jack Hurt of the Spirituals passed away yesterday morning.  Be keeping that precious family in your prayers.  He was the life of their home.

7...a friend of ours in NY wrote to me to let me know that they know and Amish family who just lost their seven year old boy to swine flu.  Another prayer to think of.

8...Did I mention that Jared got a drum set?  This is a big deal you all need to know!  He only bangs when I'm in the poor head!  He's having a great time in the studio with the thing.  Lord bless that guy!  His practice might be at the expense of my ability to know a beat from a beat!

9...The bus inverter blew up...what's news??!!

10...I can't think of it right's there, but at the moment I'm writing a song at the same time, so I think I'll just have to let you all go!  I'll post pictures ASAP.

Blessings, love, and smiles to each and every one!