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Oct 10, 2008

Off to Cincinnati

Category: Everyday News
Posted by: jared

We head off to Ohio tonight for a couple of concerts on Sunday.  Grandma has a couple of things for us to do at her house, and she misses having us around.  We are extremely busy with preperations, so no matter how it is put, we will not leave early.  The Lindsey's have a standing reputation for seldom ever appearing decently early anywhere (much to the chagrin of some of us individuals!)  I have tried every imaginable thing - even resorting to setting the clocks back one hour so that we would at least arrive ON time rather than the late alternative.  However, my little scheme was discovered and the hurry was replaced by a lethargic energy...  Well, next time I will cover my tracks a little better and we could possibly render that trick effective.  Otherwise I will continue to rack my little brain on how we can begin to set a new reputation!

Anyway, we will be heading out today and coming back on Monday in time to greet guests on Monday afternoon through Wednesday morning (hopefully "in time"!)  Then we have another very busy weekend after that.  I think we'll keep up this schedule until the middle of November!  The poor children struggle with our busy schedule sometimes!

I must sign off in order to go accomplish my list of "to do's" before leaving this afternoon (we had about 200 individual books that had to ship out individually today, so that has kept the morning busy, leaving the late morning/early afternoon for packing and preperations for the weekend.)  Ah!  What a lively life!

You all take care!

Elisabeth Lindsey