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Oct 30, 2008

Revivals, Cameron Mills, & Upcoming Tours

Category: Everyday News
Posted by: jared

Hi Y'all!

We have been keeping ourselves impossibly busy of late.  KY is the state of revivals if there ever was one.  We have been singing at a lot of them, and unfortunately having to turn down offers to sing at them because there are so many!

We had the honor on Tuesday I think it was, to sing at a revival where Cameron Mills (former player for Coach Rick Pitino at the University of Kentucky - google Cameron Mills Ministries or check out his website:, and you can see what he does and his biography).  He talked about some really great things, and we all really appreciated his message and his genuine love for the Lord.

Otherwise, we are keeping up with our every day lives, and that is proving to be quite the undertaking!  We are in the process of planning a Florida, New York, and Canada Tour(s) for 2009, and really look forward with much anticipation to all that He will lead us in.  I am positive that it includes a lot of awesome people, a lot of neat places, and a lot of great memories.

Just wanted to keep you all posted as to what is going on.  Sometimes when you do this thing long enough, what is news to other people (fans, and friends, etc...) is very un-newsy to us!  Therefore it is difficult at times to come up with something to write about, when in reality, people seem to like to hear everything!  We'll keep this updated better in the future!

Much love to everyone,