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Nov 18, 2008

The BS&SW Concert at Cedar Grove

Category: Everyday News
Posted by: jared

We had a wonderful time at Cedar Grove Baptist Church (though we arrived slightly late and made a grand entrance!  Then again, when you have ten kids, all blond hair, blue eyes, we typically make rather grand ones whether we try to or not...)  We got front row seats :-)  It was really fun being under the toes of the poor band, but they were great sports!  The place was packed out, and not surprisingly.  Barry Scott fit right in, and as we did when we played there, noticed the amazing spirit in the people there - they really love eachother and it just radiates.  The environment is great!  BS & SW did a lot of accapella, and Barry even played the piano (extremely well I might add!)  Their concert was great, and they meshed with the environment like pros.  Things were a little tight, and up front, and knowing what playing in tight places can be like, I saw the little grins and head shaking that accompanies a stepped on toe, or not being able to get close to the mic, tripping over cords, etc...  It was amusing, but they pulled it off great, and of course everyone loved it!  We got to hang out with them a little after the concert, and had a "right good time" as they say here.  Really great, down-to-earth people.  Jason Leek (bass player) got a couple of us together and we started singing accepella hymns, and Alan talked with Matthew Munsey about his ministry in missions and the possibility of accompanying on one of them, Matthew's wife, Julianna was very sweet.  Zane played with Jared for a while, and Travis came and joined the cheery little circle after he finished  with the table.  We closed the place up, but it was fun!  Sometimes professional musicians can be a bit uppity and distance themselves from the very people that need to be reached by what we have, and BS & SW are great at being normal.  Barry said that he was going to find a corner after they finished and listen to some of the Church's singers and groups, and boy that place has hidden talents.

The entire day was indeed a very refreshing experience.   Barry Scott and Second Wind are a band that I would recommend for a very reviving, healthy, vibrant with Jesus Christ, hour or two of awesome music, great testimony's, and genuine people.  Go find where they're going to be and support their ministry!

The Lindseys