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Jan 16, 2009

Final Night in Texas

Category: Everyday News
Posted by: R

Hi All, it is 12:50 PM and we're just getting ready to get some sleep so we can head back to Austin tomorrow to Fly back home.

These last few days in Texas were crazy and fun all at the same time!  Here's the story:

We flew into Austin from Nashville thursday night at about 8 or 9 PM and rented a mini-van and got something to eat.  By the time we left Austin it was 10:30 PM and we were dog-tired.  We pulled into Harlingen at 5 AM, and slept for 3 hours before getting our show clothes on and going to play that morning.  Caleb and Rebekah were both sick (really sick) all morning right until we were supposed to play, but we prayed for them and they did just fine!

Traveling a lot is fun, and we have met a few new bands and people recently:

  • The Durocher Family is a cool group out of Cohasset, Minesota.
  • Redhead Express is a great show from Branson.
  • The Cooi Family is a quartet-style family band from of four kids under 12 who all are bilingual in Spanish and English. 
  • We also officially (finally) met Lindley Creek (the Greer Family - whom we got confused for all weekend!  Us the Link's and Lindley Creek all appear next to eachother in band directories and other lists for bluegrass bands...!). 

Also, I have to tell you about one of the coolest family bands we know: The Link Family is a great group from Missouri, and they have been nothing but kind and helpful to us ever since we met them last year.  They're awsome people!  Be sure to check out their website through the link above.

Today we went to South Padre Island and spent the morning and early afternoon just was awesome!

We'll be back home tomorrow!