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Feb 12, 2009

Flu Bug died...hard!

Category: Everyday News
Posted by: jared

Hey everyone,

That nasty sickness has finally been killed.  We all held our breath two days ago when Mama said she wasn't feeling that great, but she skipped right to the head cold part and missed all the other progressions.  Thank you Jesus!

The weather has been awesome here in southern KY.  We've been out in t-shirts working and playing, and soaking up the sunlight.  It smells like spring ya'll!  I woke up at around six this morning (I had left the window open last night) and the birds were chirping and the wind was whistling.  It was great!  We had severe weather warnings yesterday, but just got the after effects of some bad storms in TN.  Just rain and fast winds.

Lastly, the parents headed off to Bowling Green this morning (early) to have Grandma Bear's car worked on, and return a bunch of her stuff that was sitting at her house.  I'm hoping that Papa doesn't spend the whole time on the phone or on his laptop and does the "real" date thing... :-)

You guys have a blessed day!