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Feb 18, 2009

New Pictures

Category: Everyday News
Posted by: jared

We had a "photo shoot" on Sunday (which was actually just a thrown together jumble resulting in some half decent photos intended for my aunt who needs to update her picture wall...).  Anyway, Grandpa was here, so we made it a bit of an event.  We seem to always pick the less than best days to do this sort of thing.  I was going to set it up in a "studio" environment down where we work, but nobody wanted to cart the whole entourage down there.  So we did the "make do".

It was quite funny because the section of the porch that we used for the picture was the part that was done - this insinuates that to GET to it, you have to somehow get across the four feet that is just bracing that is NOT done...and a long fall if you miss! - So, we safely escorted the crew across, and I timed the camera, did the settings, and pressed the button (this would be the first of many).  Then I had to skirt the empty space in the air without falling through, or worse, straddling one of the braces...  Not my kind of adventure in a skirt and dress shoes.  I won't give any more details on this, but it really was funny!

I was going to ask for you all to leave your comments on the pictures.  Ben is doing a new web design and we're thinking about using some of these.  Give us your feedback!!