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Jun 3, 2009

Back in the Boondocks

Category: Everyday News
Posted by: jared

We arrived late last night back in Kentucky after what GyPSy said was about 55 hours on the road (does that add up?  We left AZ Sunday night and drove until Monday night where we stopped in a Walmart somewhere, then we were back driving all day on Tuesday arriving home around 10:30 PM).


Jared did brilliantly driving for almost ten hours total through three major cities and a windstorm.


I confess to only having driven about four hours total and only through Amarillo, Texas to speak of.  :-)


We got unloaded last night, and Rebekah and I put stuff away and cleaned because I have a long day at the office today and didn't want to leave everything with poor mother!


We just found out that my dog got hit by a vehicle while we were away.  It's been a very long morning.


Papa drove Grandpa back to Ohio this morning and he'll be gone until Saturday in time to get back for a couple of concerts over the weekend, then we prepare for the month in NY and Canada and PA.  Whew!  We don't need to see a hurricane - we perpetually live one.


Bye Guys,


Elisabeth, for the crew