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Jul 6, 2009

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Category: Everyday News
Posted by: jared

Hey guys,


We had three events yesterday and pulled back into our friends the Zehrs driveway at around eleven something.  The ground is really soft from all the rain so we were trying to park on boards to avoid getting stuck, and got stuck trying not to get stuck...  Isn't that funny?!  We left it for the night and got up this morning (late I'll add) and Mr. Matt Zehr came home from work and all the boys worked to get us unstuck.  It was pretty interesting.  36000 pounds is nothing to mess around with (we know from previous experience) but I guess ignorance is bliss - it sure allows more room for faith... (smiles).  With some help from the neighbor's big green tractor we finally pulled out (a little late, but late compared to not at all is a pretty fair trade).

We ate a late lunch with the Benjamin family (go check them out - I think they have a website - the Benjamins, or the Benjamin trio I'm not sure).  Anyway, Papa's highlight of the day (week perhaps) is driving a 1929 Model A Speedster... (grins!)  I'll post pictures soon.

We had a great time tonight at Brookfield Baptist.  Great turn out, and a lot of great people.  Then we hung out with friends until one in the morning.  We are currently on the way to some good friends' house to spend what's left of the night in their driveway.  Hopefully they don't wake up when this thing pulls in...

Goodnight all!  Blessings,


Elisabeth for the crew