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Jul 27, 2009

Pictures are Available

Category: Everyday News
Posted by: jared

Finally...  Sorry it took so long, everyone.  There was some kind of server fiasco (well, it wasn't that bad).  Maybe I just wasn't in the mood to fix the problem a week ago!  Some friends are bugging me about it, though, so I had to do something to get them off my case. :-)

Newest news: It's looking like Jared will be beginning a small studio here in our valley.  He wants to get into the producing and engineering part of the projects more.  He's very good with that end.  Our friend in Ohio who has a beautiful voice, writes a lot of songs and plays piano is going to come down and Jared will produce a Christian Contemporary album for her.  It will be fun to try another music style.  I get to do a lot of backup vocals.  At least I can see if I have anything but country and bluegrass in my vocal abilities!  Actually, we already did one of her songs earlier this year and it turned out great (yes, I managed to cut the "twang").  Notice I don't even have to comment about the things Jared had to change of his musical style to accomodate the CCM.  He's just a natural!

Grandpa came down for the weekend and of course we had a great time as always.  Jared convinced him to go sailing with him at Dale Hollow on Saturday, and I tagged along because it sounded better than being holed up in an office all day (I forgot what playing feels like... :-) )  Well, what do you know if sailing isn't as much work as it is fun?  One isn't supposed to sweat when they're on the water.  Grandpa says sailing doesn't float his boat.  LOL!

As soon as we get back into the groove of living in a house again it'll be time to hit the road.  Most of September is full.  And we have weddings coming up all over God's green earth!  We'll see you all down the road I'm sure.

Have a joyful day, people.