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Sep 15, 2009

Cumberland River Festival

Category: Everyday News
Posted by: jared

...Is coming up this weekend!  It looks like we'll be competing in the band competition.  Jared will be entering the guitar and banjo competition (competing against his younger brother on guitar I might add!) I don't know if Ben will do the fiddle or not.  Caleb is entering the guitar and mandolin competitions.  I was thinking of a relaxing weekend doing next to nothing, but I've been voted in for backup again... :-)  That's the lot of a bass player's life.  It means I get to learn all these new songs.  Yay!

There's some changes going on in the Lindsey Family Band setup.  It looks like Papa will be taking his attention away from the older children's music and putting it on the up and coming Lindsey Family Band II.  The younger children need Papa to bring them up, too.  Lindsey Family band I will be the five oldest Lindsey children.  Kind of different, but we feel good about the fact that the younger children will get the same opportunities that we did.

The latest news from Lindsey Land:  Yesterday Timothy was playing with an electric drill and as "a joke" he put it up by Liberty's head and held the trigger.  I heard screams and crying from upstairs and dashed down when I heard Mama go "no..oh no...STOP!"  I came out on the porch expecting I don't know what and found Jared holding on to an electric drill that had a patch of Liberty's hair coiled and twisted around it.  He dislodged the head and it took a good bit to untwist it.  Only then did we see that a whole patch of her hair had been ripped out.  Only a girl can understand the implications!  That kind of pain is excruciating.  Liberty's head has been officially battle scarred!

You all have a great day!