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Dec 4, 2009

Veterans Association Dinner

Category: Everyday News
Posted by: A

Jared did back up for a young lady friend of ours as she sang a few songs last night at a Veterans dinner.  I tagged along with him and ended up serving food... :-)  Anyway, the head guy asked if Jared would play a banjo song or two.  Jared did one, and they wanted another one, so he asked for suggestions and Stephen Poindexter (who by the way is running for our District Judge) asked for dueling banjos.  Which was a complete oxy-moron because obviously you need two banjo players to accomplish even the TITLE of the song!  Well, my ever surprising me brother looked up in this state of "hmmm...I don't think that will work" and then proceeded to surprise me by saying "okay.  I can do that!"  I was like "oh boy!"  but people, he played dueling banjos with himself to the GREAT amusement of everyone present... :-)  I think I will never again underestimate a banjo picker!

Most Sincerely,