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Aug 22, 2008

Cool Air!

Category: Everyday News
Posted by: jared

Hey Everyone, I'm really enjoying this ability to "blog" (though Mama may have a thing or two to say about me submitting an article - being the journalist major and all.  Oh well!)  So for the exciting news (well it is to US):  They are FINALLY going to put a new AC in the back room of the bus (it got SO hot back there where all of the bunks are because the back AC is broken!)   We are all very thankful that it's going to work out before we leave for MO next weekend.  Hey, that's gonna be fun guys!  We'll keep the updates coming during the trip.  I think I might ask Jared to do a journal page on this new site so that we can draw a line between news and notes/memories.  What do you all think?  Hey, if you have any suggestions to offer on the new layout and content, let us know.  We love suggestions!  And while you're at it, sign the guestbook to let us know you've been here!  Take care and many Blessings!   ~Elisabeth