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Welcome to the LFB News page. We'll try to keep you posted on recent events and happenings here. The most recent posts are towards the top.

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Jan 16, 2009
Category: Everyday News
Posted by: R

Hi All, it is 12:50 PM and we're just getting ready to get some sleep so we can head back to Austin tomorrow to Fly back home.

These last few days in Texas were crazy and fun all at the same time!  Here's the story:

We flew into Austin from Nashville thursday night at about 8 or 9 PM and rented a mini-van and got something to eat.  By the time we left Austin it was 10:30 PM and we were dog-tired.  We pulled into Harlingen at 5 AM, and slept for 3 hours before getting our show clothes on and going to play that morning.  Caleb and Rebekah were both sick (really sick) all morning right until we were supposed to play, but we prayed for them and they did just fine!

Traveling a lot is fun, and we have met a few new bands and people recently:

  • The Durocher Family is a cool group out of Cohasset, Minesota.
  • Redhead Express is a great show from Branson.
  • The Cooi Family is a quartet-style family band from of four kids under 12 who all are bilingual in Spanish and English. 
  • We also officially (finally) met Lindley Creek (the Greer Family - whom we got confused for all weekend!  Us the Link's and Lindley Creek all appear next to eachother in band directories and other lists for bluegrass bands...!). 

Also, I have to tell you about one of the coolest family bands we know: The Link Family is a great group from Missouri, and they have been nothing but kind and helpful to us ever since we met them last year.  They're awsome people!  Be sure to check out their website through the link above.

Today we went to South Padre Island and spent the morning and early afternoon just was awesome!

We'll be back home tomorrow!


Jan 12, 2009
Category: Everyday News
Posted by: jared

I know that sounds kinda cool, but rather exaggerated by a long stretch... :-)  We are going to Texas, though.  We'll be flying out on Wednesday, and getting back on Saturday.  We're praying the Lord's blessing on the trip, that He would do with it what He wants done with it.

We'll be really close to Mexico, too, so I'm thinking about asking to bring passports and heading over there for our one free day.  I think I love Mexico!  Maybe it's just the people are cool...  Okay, so I really don't know much about it at all!  Papa says it's a lot different there.  Still, what can't you love about a jet black haired, chesnut brown child?  It'd be neat ministry opportunity.  Who knows, if we end up in Texas for awhile next year we might be able to take it over the boarder some... :-)

We have had a busy weekend - one of those wordless ones!  Thursday Mama and I drove to Nashville to pick up Grandma Bear at the airport, and didn't get home til 11 pm or later.  Some of us went to a dinner on Friday evening after a long day of work, and Papa didn't get home from Knoxville, TN until late, and then we sang on Saturday, got up and sang again on Sunday, and went to our friends the Matneys for a DELICIOUS lunch, and awesome fellowship, and then had to run at around 3 PM so we could get home and get Grandma Bear's going away/birthday party together (Oh!  There was WAY too much food to fix!)  People arrived early, so we were rushing a bit, but almost everyone that was invited came, and Grandma was so surprised and I think blessed.  Then Mama and a few of the kids had to get up early to take Grandma BACK to the airport this morning...  Whew!  I love it...

All of this means that I should be back at the house helping those dear littler siblings of mine keep up with the littler-than-them siblings that stayed home!

Have a Blessed Day!


Jan 10, 2009
Category: Everyday News
Posted by: jared
Ben turned the infamous 15 yesterday, and is literally a tree (compared to some of us!) these days.  He profoundly stated the other day as I was washing dishes and mentioned something about maturity, and how awful adolescense is, that "girls are so good through adolescense because they get through it quick, and skim over top of everything then deal with it the rest of their lives, whereas boys take a long time, and it can be bad, but they do it THOROUGHLY!!!"  What do you all think of that?  I promptly turned the sprayer on and soaked him good!

Michael turned two today (his attitude clearly betrays this...but he's impossibly cute!) and thinks that he's "seh-when" (seven).  He's singing his ABC's ALL THE TIME now, and boy, even with the five or six versions that we know of that song, it can still get tiring!

Jared recently wrote a "hit" (*wink*) song.  I wouldn't even come close to classifying it with amatuer writers.  It was powerful, and Papa cried when he first heard it.  The cool thing about this song was that I had had the idea for the title (Sometimes Love Hurts) for a few months before, and then Jared turns up and says to me "you know, this would make a cool song" (he gave me the title "Love Hurts")  I had already tried to write it, but nothing was coming, and then one evening he sat me down and sang this AWESOME song to me!  We'll be recording it at some point, and I'm sure you all with enjoy it.

It's possible that the older Lindsey's (minus Mama) will be flying out to Texas next week for a concert out there, which will be exciting.  We were going to take the bus, the whole family, and the whole entourage along with us, and make it an indefinate road trip, but we were a little sluggish in getting the details worked out, so it's not as big of a thing as it was going to be.

Our friends the Doerfels (see them on our links page) also were going to come visit us here in a couple weeks on their way to Branson, MO, which would be lively, and exciting!  Maybe that will work out...

I'm working on some new pictures, so keep checking in.  We are also going to be posting the entire 20 + page Lindsey Letter (It's supposed to be annual, but it isn't always!) from 2007-2008 on the website at somepoint, so check back for that.  There was a set date of January 31st for the release, but our home computer is out of commision for the present, and Mama can't come over to the place of business every time she needs to write!

You all be safe!

Jan 8, 2009
Category: Everyday News
Posted by: jared
BIG NEWS! We now have a new little cousin (Luke Christian Taylor)  Balancing the grandchildren scale on my mom's side to 14 (yes, most of that is Lindseys!) seven boys and seven girls.  Hooray for Uncle Scott and Aunt Jenny!  We love you guys!
Jan 6, 2009
Category: Everyday News
Posted by: jared

Hi Everyone!  It's been a busy couple of months in Lindsey Land, and it's not bound to slow down much.  Alan's Mom was just diagnosed with a type of bone cancer, and she will be doing treatments in Phoenix, AZ, so that has consumed a lot of our time dealing with doctors, briefings, appointments, etc...  As well as preparation for her to be gone for a few months.

Pray for her please!

Nov 18, 2008
Category: Everyday News
Posted by: jared

We had a wonderful time at Cedar Grove Baptist Church (though we arrived slightly late and made a grand entrance!  Then again, when you have ten kids, all blond hair, blue eyes, we typically make rather grand ones whether we try to or not...)  We got front row seats :-)  It was really fun being under the toes of the poor band, but they were great sports!  The place was packed out, and not surprisingly.  Barry Scott fit right in, and as we did when we played there, noticed the amazing spirit in the people there - they really love eachother and it just radiates.  The environment is great!  BS & SW did a lot of accapella, and Barry even played the piano (extremely well I might add!)  Their concert was great, and they meshed with the environment like pros.  Things were a little tight, and up front, and knowing what playing in tight places can be like, I saw the little grins and head shaking that accompanies a stepped on toe, or not being able to get close to the mic, tripping over cords, etc...  It was amusing, but they pulled it off great, and of course everyone loved it!  We got to hang out with them a little after the concert, and had a "right good time" as they say here.  Really great, down-to-earth people.  Jason Leek (bass player) got a couple of us together and we started singing accepella hymns, and Alan talked with Matthew Munsey about his ministry in missions and the possibility of accompanying on one of them, Matthew's wife, Julianna was very sweet.  Zane played with Jared for a while, and Travis came and joined the cheery little circle after he finished  with the table.  We closed the place up, but it was fun!  Sometimes professional musicians can be a bit uppity and distance themselves from the very people that need to be reached by what we have, and BS & SW are great at being normal.  Barry said that he was going to find a corner after they finished and listen to some of the Church's singers and groups, and boy that place has hidden talents.

The entire day was indeed a very refreshing experience.   Barry Scott and Second Wind are a band that I would recommend for a very reviving, healthy, vibrant with Jesus Christ, hour or two of awesome music, great testimony's, and genuine people.  Go find where they're going to be and support their ministry!

The Lindseys

Oct 30, 2008
Category: Everyday News
Posted by: jared

Hi Y'all!

We have been keeping ourselves impossibly busy of late.  KY is the state of revivals if there ever was one.  We have been singing at a lot of them, and unfortunately having to turn down offers to sing at them because there are so many!

We had the honor on Tuesday I think it was, to sing at a revival where Cameron Mills (former player for Coach Rick Pitino at the University of Kentucky - google Cameron Mills Ministries or check out his website:, and you can see what he does and his biography).  He talked about some really great things, and we all really appreciated his message and his genuine love for the Lord.

Otherwise, we are keeping up with our every day lives, and that is proving to be quite the undertaking!  We are in the process of planning a Florida, New York, and Canada Tour(s) for 2009, and really look forward with much anticipation to all that He will lead us in.  I am positive that it includes a lot of awesome people, a lot of neat places, and a lot of great memories.

Just wanted to keep you all posted as to what is going on.  Sometimes when you do this thing long enough, what is news to other people (fans, and friends, etc...) is very un-newsy to us!  Therefore it is difficult at times to come up with something to write about, when in reality, people seem to like to hear everything!  We'll keep this updated better in the future!

Much love to everyone,