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Welcome to the LFB News page. We'll try to keep you posted on recent events and happenings here. The most recent posts are towards the top.

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Feb 27, 2009
Category: Everyday News
Posted by: R

We arrived in Athens, Ohio yesterday night after a longer drive than usual because the van's transmission was skipping a little.

Today, we hung out with our friends the Richardsons, and Sara (Richardson), Elisabeth, Ben and Jared did a full-blown production on a song that Sara wrote, then we all ate pizza and wings for felt like we were in New York again. :)

We played tonight, we'll be playing tomorrow, then twice on Sunday, then we'll probably go visit Grandpa, then head back home.

Feb 18, 2009
Category: Everyday News
Posted by: jared

We had a "photo shoot" on Sunday (which was actually just a thrown together jumble resulting in some half decent photos intended for my aunt who needs to update her picture wall...).  Anyway, Grandpa was here, so we made it a bit of an event.  We seem to always pick the less than best days to do this sort of thing.  I was going to set it up in a "studio" environment down where we work, but nobody wanted to cart the whole entourage down there.  So we did the "make do".

It was quite funny because the section of the porch that we used for the picture was the part that was done - this insinuates that to GET to it, you have to somehow get across the four feet that is just bracing that is NOT done...and a long fall if you miss! - So, we safely escorted the crew across, and I timed the camera, did the settings, and pressed the button (this would be the first of many).  Then I had to skirt the empty space in the air without falling through, or worse, straddling one of the braces...  Not my kind of adventure in a skirt and dress shoes.  I won't give any more details on this, but it really was funny!

I was going to ask for you all to leave your comments on the pictures.  Ben is doing a new web design and we're thinking about using some of these.  Give us your feedback!!



Feb 17, 2009
Category: Important Band Events & News
Posted by: jared

We're well into our plans for the 2009 New York Tour.  Scheduled dates are posted on the website and emails have been sent announcing our availability.  If you did not receive an email, please contact us and we will add you to our email list.

Currently, we have gaps in the shedule for the following dates and areas:

Friday June 26 - areas near Albany or south near Amsterdam

Thursday 7/2 and Friday 7/3 - areas near Binghamton

We still have several weekdays available for the Rome/Utica area and hope to fill at least one more Lowville appointment.

Otherwise, we'll be playing from Lowville to Harford and from Marcellus to South Glenns Falls.  The engagements are widespread and we look forward to seeing so many!

Be in touch if you'd like us to play at your event!  We will be in the area from June 19 until July 13.

Feb 12, 2009
Category: Everyday News
Posted by: jared

Hey everyone,

That nasty sickness has finally been killed.  We all held our breath two days ago when Mama said she wasn't feeling that great, but she skipped right to the head cold part and missed all the other progressions.  Thank you Jesus!

The weather has been awesome here in southern KY.  We've been out in t-shirts working and playing, and soaking up the sunlight.  It smells like spring ya'll!  I woke up at around six this morning (I had left the window open last night) and the birds were chirping and the wind was whistling.  It was great!  We had severe weather warnings yesterday, but just got the after effects of some bad storms in TN.  Just rain and fast winds.

Lastly, the parents headed off to Bowling Green this morning (early) to have Grandma Bear's car worked on, and return a bunch of her stuff that was sitting at her house.  I'm hoping that Papa doesn't spend the whole time on the phone or on his laptop and does the "real" date thing... :-)

You guys have a blessed day!


Feb 8, 2009
Category: Everyday News
Posted by: T

Things have been quiet around the Lindsey house--by necessity.  All of the ten children have been in one stage or another of relative comatose for The whole last week!  It starts with headache, body aches and follows with 4 or 5 days of just laying around unable to do anything.  Now, many have sore throats and are still having difficulty standing and we're supposed to sing tonight.  Hmmm.  I heard Papa practicing some of his favorites from 20 years ago.  Maybe it'll be a solo experience!

Looks like due to the sickness and falling behind here, we won't be attending SPBGMA this year so we'll miss seeing many of you.

Hope you all stay well and warm!

God Bless,
Tammy (the still-well Mama and nurse-maid)

Jan 20, 2009
Category: Everyday News
Posted by: jared
The Texas pictures are now available on the Photos page.
Jan 19, 2009
Category: Everyday News
Posted by: A

Hi All,

Texas was awesome!  We had a great time, and look forward to being back possibly for a couple of months in 2010 and 11.  I have to say, though, if I had a to pick a favorite time, it might have been the flights.  There wasn't a one that I didn't meet an interesting person - and my siblings either.  From Nashville to Atlanta on the way out, I met a man from Los Vegas, and he said he wants to get us there...doesn't that sound interesting?!  On the way from Atlanta to Austin our flight attendant was Montgomery Gentry's bus driver's wife...  She was fun, and we gave her some music instruction ideas for her kids who are interested in music.  On the way back from Austin to Memphis Caleb was talking to a chatty man from....I forget, but we had a great time with him.  Ben also met a man from somewhere who is a videographer, and worked with Garth Brooks, spent a lot of time in the music world.  They talked for the entire hour and half flight!  Jared also talked to a man very interested in music, but I couldn't hear the conversation as they were towards the back of the plane.  Then on the way from Memphis to Nashville Jared and I met a sweet Christian young lady who works in NY City in a Theater.  She was really nice.

The showcase went well, as Jared said, but we had some struggle with the sound...  That's to be expected - they don't deal with a lot of bluegrass bands!  But the response was good.

We spent the weekend with the Links, Greers, and met a couple new, sweet family's.  It was a great time!  Our average bedtime for all of last week was probably 3 in the morning.

On Friday we all (us, the Greers, and the Links) all packed into the Links bus and went to South Padre Island, and that was really awesome.  The boys carried sand in their pockets for the remainder of the trip.  Well, that's what they get for jumping off fifty foot sand dunes, rolling, tumbling and playing king of the mountain!  We sure didn't go prepared for the beach, but it was fun anyway.

We never did make it into Mexico, but we were right next to the border, and I wish that we had had time.  I love Mexico, and I know Jared was dying to speak some Spanish.

We went to a Golden Corral on Friday evening before we left for the Link's concert, and our waitress was this sweet old mexican lady who hobbled around very deliberately.  She made us laugh so hard!  We were leaving and Rebekah put a note on the table with the tip that said "we love you, and Jesus loves you, too!"  Caleb and I glanced back as we were heading out and saw her pick it up and look at it, and next thing we knew there were about two other waitresses and a waitor all inspecting it...  :-)  Well, it might keep them busy for a couple of days!

We had to be up early on Saturday to head out and catch our flight in Austin.  Papa wanted Indian food really bad, so we stopped at this really nice restaurant for all of 20-25 minutes or so... What a way to waste $12 a person!!  But we did catch our flight... :-)

We pulled into Nashville around 9:30 PM, and it was FREEZING!  Then we took the long way home (I don't know why) and got home around 12:30 AM.

Yesterday was spent catching up, celebrating Timothy's birthday (Papa and Mama took him to Glasgow for the afternoon) and then we watched a movie last night.

Today we're all back to work, work, and more work!  Which reminds me that I have a couple of bank reconciliations to do before I head home...

Catch you all later!


P.S.  I am trying to get pictures of the trip up, but so far it is not working.  Hopefully tomorrow they will be on here.  Check back!