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Sep 9, 2008

Home from Missouri

Category: Everyday News
Posted by: jared

Hey Everybody!  We got home last night at around 6 PM after a long day of driving.  It was an all around awesome, great time for a first over the Great Misssissippi in a vehicle!  We spent some time with some friends, made some new ones, got to spend a full day at S.D.C (Silver Dollar City) and got some great critiquing from professionals in the music business.  We finally got to spend some time with the Link family at their home in Lebanon, MO, and had a great time and great fellowship (even successfully kept them from their work for the afternoon!  We hope they'll forgive us!)  I'll be updating with some pics soon, so keep coming back to check into that.

We had a new experience on Sunday morning when we pulled into a church we were playing at and bottomed out with the bus...  meaning, the dip between the road and the parking lot was too deep and we began to turn and heard the fateful groaning and scraping.  Our back wheels were spinning helplessly with nothing to grip but air, and we were stranded above the ground.  The Lord was gracious, however, and as soon as the air let out (after the concert) we went out and piled the boards (with the help of the very gracious, and kind folks of the church) along with jacking the bus up, and pulled it out (not without much groaning on the bus's part!)

We are now back into the routine here at home, and no significant travel very soon (though Oct. is booked fairly well).  Hopefully we are thinking we will release a Hymns CD by early next year.  We'll see how things fall into place!  Hey, get on and sign that nearly empty guest book if you can!  Later, Elisabeth