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"All the band members are expert harmony and solo singers who can swap their assigned parts with ease. The hallmarks of classic bluegrass are evident in their long-stretched vowels, gracefully bent lines, rhythmic phrasing and tightly-scripted harmonies all executed in a dynamic stage choreography around a single microphone while also displaying astounding virtuosity on a variety of stringed instruments. Any audience would marvel at such vocal and instrumental prowess in a gathering of seasoned pros, let alone in a crew of children ranging from only ten to sixteen years old." - John Rossbach, John Rossbach


¢¬Å?¢¬¦ their stage presence and performance is amazing, given the relative ages of the members. Their instrumentation is solid and their harmonies are family-tight. Their personalities shine through and assure audiences that the future of the American family is in good hands!¢¬ ¢¬??Bill McBee, Pine Mountain Railroad


SHINE - CD Review by JoAnn Bayliss of West Manesfield, OH and FL

A critic's comments: Awesome........Unbelievable CD..........fanastic!

1. Kentucky Borderline - I usually listen in the car, so my foot is tappin', my hand is thumpin' the gear shift! That old guy does a decent job on this one!

2. Kneel at the Cross - Great harmony, great rendition. Love the instrumental interludes.

3. If That Don't Make You Wanna Go - There aren't enough adjectives...vocal and bass.......Elisabeth - such talent!

4. Mansion Over in Glory - Warm. Comforting lyrics. Great musical arrangement. Another toe-tapper.

5. Death of a Man - Amazing lyrics, (lyrics by Tammy Lindsey. to quote Jana Caudill - daughter - "I'm so glad Tammy has found something to fill her time!" The Caudill kids can't get enough of this CD!) Great guitar and vocal, Jared!

6. How Great Thou Art - Elisabeth, Caleb, Rebekah: Triple mandolins - marvelous!

7. Precious Blood - Tammy's voice makes tears come to my eyes. Beautiful

8. River of Jordan - Love Ben's voice! Great blend, guys.

9. Roanoke - I could listen to this one all day. Incredible instrumentals.

10. This Little Light of Mine - Loved the "No's" and giggles! So appropriate.

11. This Little Light of Mine - Great performance of a nifty arrangement, ladies!

12. Man in the Middle - Rebekah shines!

13. Who Will Sing for Me? - Nostalgic, sentimental family touch.

14. Ten Plagues - Hadn't heard this one before....I like it!

15. Another Barefoot Walk - I'm sure Nick Piccininni was pleased with this performance of his song. Wow!

16. Sweet Virginia - Great way to end a CD, at which time I press "repeat"!

I like the automatic order/delivery program! Keep me enrolled! Love, JoAnn

CDBaby Review of Shine!

Toe-tappin', heart touchin' good news music - bluegrass style. Professional, articulate, diverse. Savvy vocals, tight family harmonies, amazing solos - you'd never know the oldest child is 16.  (Note: He was 17, but who's counting?:)