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Welcome to the LFB News page. We'll try to keep you posted on recent events and happenings here. The most recent posts are towards the top.

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Nov 16, 2015
Category: Important Band Events & News
Posted by: A

We did it!  We finally put all those Christmas songs we've been enjoying into a recording.  Product should be ready to ship 1 December, but PREORDER now here.

The highlights are:

1.  Caleb's deep baritone voice on "Let It Snow" as he swoons his sister.  Awkward!

2.  Mama singing an Evie-like version of Come on Ring Those Bells!

3.  The mandolin break on ... well, ALL the mandolin breaks.

4.  Timothy's bass voice at the beginning of Joy to the World!

5.  Rebekah's awesome guitar riffs and angel voice on Labor of Love.

6.  The original "Just That Time of Year".  Fun rhythm, fun lyrics, fun song.

There's something for everyone here.  Hope y'all enjoy it!

Jul 12, 2013
Category: Important Band Events & News
Posted by: T

Hi Everyone,

Many of you are aware that we had been scheduled to be featured on the July 14 edition of "American Journey" on HLN.  We were just notified that the program has been pre-empted by news coverage of the Zimmerman trial.  It will air instead on Sunday, July 21 at 1 pm ET on HLN.  Sorry for the confusion. I do believe it will be available online after the initial air date.  Blessings to you all,  Tammy

Jun 26, 2013
Category: Everyday News
Posted by: jared
Sorry guys, we've been so busy touring and working in the studio that we haven't been able to keep up the website lately.  However we've put some effort into updating the site content over the last week or two.  Enjoy the website and stop by our guestbook page to let us know you were here!
Apr 27, 2011
Category: Everyday News
Posted by: A

Hey guys!

Just wanted to let you know that you can visit our youtube channel to see some recent videos.  Also, find us on Facebook because we post quite a few videos there as well.

Peace to you all!

Apr 27, 2011
Category: Everyday News
Posted by: A

I dug up some videos from last years gigs and found this one.  We played in upstate NY at the Tug Hill Bluegrass festival and Kenny Smith was kind enough to join us on a song.  What fun!

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Enjoy!  NY tour is coming up, and we're getting excited about being back in the north!

Sep 30, 2010
Category: Everyday News
Posted by: A

Once again, lax in blogging.

Well people, we're on the road again!  HAve been a lot these past few months.  It still feels good!  we were happy with the release of our Singing as We Go CD back in June, and even more happy to have Jared finally getting to finish his CD this winter.  Things are going smoothly!

The next couple of weeks we'll be in OK and NC.  The Faith Family Freedom Tour has several shows in OK which we are looking forward to greatly!

We also feel so blessed to have so many neighbors taking a fierce protectivity to our home!  It's almost funny, but truly appreciated.

Other than that, we continue on day by day singing as we go!

Blessings to you all!


Jul 16, 2010
Category: Everyday News
Posted by: A

All you patient people!  We've had a big month of catching up on our outermusical lives.  The school is progressing at its own little pace, but things are getting done, and we are blessed with a lot of help.

Upcoming is Canada, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Oklahoma.  The Lake Itasca Family Music Festival looks like a good time.  Canada is always a ball, and Faith Family Freedom is back on again!  This will be so much fun!

I'll try and post pictures sometime.  However, you can find us on Facebook as well at this link.!/group.php?gid=131108286916669&ref=ts

Join if you can!  The pictures on there are a lot more regular.  And there is a string of videos as well!

It's been a great few weeks, but I'm actually looking forward to being on the road again.  We have to go work just to get family time anymore!

Blessings to you all.