the lindsey family
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Music started in the Lindsey home long before any of the children came along. Alan, better known as "Skip", Lindsey has been playing guitar, singing, rallying group songs around campfires, and leading worship in churches for more than twenty-five years. His wife, Tammy, compliments his talent with vocals (and keeps providing more upcoming talent!) When Jared, the first of the children, was only four years old, he started playing guitar and singing; next came Ben on the fiddle, then Caleb on the mandolin... and so began a long line of musicians and singers.

The family started out less than professional with a bunch of little guys (and a dad!)  using cheat sheets for lyrics and doing the best they could on instruments.  Though they never really envisioned pursuing music, music seemed to pursue the family.  What happened naturally in the home translated into an award-winning band with delightful family harmony. 

The Lindseys first sang publicly in 2003 when they were asked by the local bluegrass association to play for an outside event called "Utica Monday Night." At the time, they hadn't really prepared any music to perform. They just sang and played together at home and during the bluegrass jams that they loved to attend. Believing that it might bless others to share what seemed to come naturally, Skip agreed to the performance which resulted in the subsequent performances of The Lindsey Family Band which have become more frequent every year since.

Now, the family plays music on weekends and travels on extended tours several times each year, often playing more than 200 shows a year.  Several of the children have grown up and are pursuing other callings, while more of the younger children rise up to fill in the gaps.  With the changes come adjustments in the music and an ever fresh and creative flare!  But the message and the foundation remain the same.