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Jan 10, 2009

Ben's Birthday, Michael's Birthday, Jared's Song & Texas Trip

Category: Everyday News
Posted by: jared
Ben turned the infamous 15 yesterday, and is literally a tree (compared to some of us!) these days.  He profoundly stated the other day as I was washing dishes and mentioned something about maturity, and how awful adolescense is, that "girls are so good through adolescense because they get through it quick, and skim over top of everything then deal with it the rest of their lives, whereas boys take a long time, and it can be bad, but they do it THOROUGHLY!!!"  What do you all think of that?  I promptly turned the sprayer on and soaked him good!

Michael turned two today (his attitude clearly betrays this...but he's impossibly cute!) and thinks that he's "seh-when" (seven).  He's singing his ABC's ALL THE TIME now, and boy, even with the five or six versions that we know of that song, it can still get tiring!

Jared recently wrote a "hit" (*wink*) song.  I wouldn't even come close to classifying it with amatuer writers.  It was powerful, and Papa cried when he first heard it.  The cool thing about this song was that I had had the idea for the title (Sometimes Love Hurts) for a few months before, and then Jared turns up and says to me "you know, this would make a cool song" (he gave me the title "Love Hurts")  I had already tried to write it, but nothing was coming, and then one evening he sat me down and sang this AWESOME song to me!  We'll be recording it at some point, and I'm sure you all with enjoy it.

It's possible that the older Lindsey's (minus Mama) will be flying out to Texas next week for a concert out there, which will be exciting.  We were going to take the bus, the whole family, and the whole entourage along with us, and make it an indefinate road trip, but we were a little sluggish in getting the details worked out, so it's not as big of a thing as it was going to be.

Our friends the Doerfels (see them on our links page) also were going to come visit us here in a couple weeks on their way to Branson, MO, which would be lively, and exciting!  Maybe that will work out...

I'm working on some new pictures, so keep checking in.  We are also going to be posting the entire 20 + page Lindsey Letter (It's supposed to be annual, but it isn't always!) from 2007-2008 on the website at somepoint, so check back for that.  There was a set date of January 31st for the release, but our home computer is out of commision for the present, and Mama can't come over to the place of business every time she needs to write!

You all be safe!