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May 21, 2009


Category: Everyday News
Posted by: jared

I'm quoting too many songs and movies lately...  Honestly, I've never really seen Oklahoma, so don't bust me on that!

We finally did make it to OK yesterday afternoon and pulled into Uncle Butch and Aunt Marybeth's driveway at around 4:00 PM in time to eat dinner and then pull out again into Cushing to set up for our concert.  We should have gotten there earlier... :-)  Using other people's sound systems can be a bit challenging (especially if they have a really good one but the environment is wrong for it).  Anyway, we had bad feedback issues (the walls were sheet mettle, and the floors were concrete - one top of a cathedral like ceiling) and had to change our mic setup.  That kind of threw us for a loop and we didn't have as much energy as we might normally have.  ANYWAY!  The people were awesome!  We don't get a lot of youth at our concerts when we play the backwoods churches, and this place had an abundance of them.  It was great to meet them (Whitney and Britny - I know you guys said that your name was spelled with "i's" but I couldn't figure out where...  Sorry!  Anyway, you guys were so much fun!  Thanks you guys for hanging out!)  We all enjoyed EVERYONE we talked to.  And we felt honored to be in the Oil Pipeline Crossroads Capital of the World!  Wow!  Every small town has something special...

Then at the end of the concert the youth pastor called our family up to the altar and had the whole gathering surround us while they prayed for us, and prayed for Grandma.  It was such a blessing!  Thank you all!

This morning we are lazing around because Aunt Marybeth wants us to stick around until after lunch.  So we're exploring their farm, meeting animals, and laughing a lot. :-)

I have decided that I really like Oklahoma, and I really want to come back!  The people are great, and really friendly, and the countryside is lovely. Anyone want to get us some places to play so we can come back?!

We're off to Arizona shortly, and the front AC is broken again.  Boy oh!  It's gonna be a long fifteen hours... :-)

I'll try to post pictures as soon as I get a faster internet.

Oh, and I can't forget: DRIVERS BEWARE!!!!!!!!  Jared and I drove the bus for the first time yesterday... :-)

Blessings to you all!

Elisabeth for the entourage.