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May 26, 2011

Of Albequerque, Forest Lakes, and Desert Hills

Category: Everyday News
Posted by: jared

Leaving Albequerque we made it to Forest Lakes late on Friday evening to be reunited with portions of our sweet family.  It was a very pleasant evening after we finally got parked at the Art Sr. and Martha Enriquez's cabin at the top of the highest mountain in that particular region (I don't really know where it is...)  It was rather dismal to be perfectly honest.  And the abundance of trees that had been stuck in previous storms by lightening was hardly something to lighten the mood...  Oh well.  The cabin was toasty and comfy, and the company was lots of fun.  We enjoyed a wonderful couple of days complete with Grandma Martha's "toss and throw" cuisine.  that is the affectionate name we have applied to her cooking skills!  From authentic mexican to her absolutely fabulous leftover concoctions, we were well fed to describe it quite literally.

A few of us had a pleasant hike together on Sunday and we took Mama along with a LOT of younger children.  Michael was in his heaven jumping around on logs in the pine forest, playing with plants he'd never seen, etc...  After a while we heard his excited cry and turned to see what new treasure he had uncovered.  His eyes were as bright as the sun itself, and his smile was a mile wide.  He held out his hand which held something brown.  No further inspection was needed as he loudly and exuberantly informed us of what he had found.  The words "Mama!!!!  Elk poopy!!!" is about all that's necessary here.  And at Mama's little scream he apologetically stalled mid excitement and dropped the offending mixture to the ground, rubbing the leftover residue off onto his shirt...  Well, no one can judge him for "not attempting resolution".

We are now nearing Desert Hills where Uncle Art and Aunt Kim live.  It's rather hot all of a sudden, and I'm really amazed at the climate change.  Like a door that perpetually opens and closes with the cold of winter outside and the heat of fire on the inside.  It feels like I could catch some sort of sickness from coming down from that extremely high altitude and cold, down to low altitude and HEAT!  I better at least get a tan out of this....

Ya'll have a great afternoon (evening, night - whatever it is to you).

E for the bunch