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Aug 1, 2009

You're Not Going to Believe This...

Category: Everyday News
Posted by: jared

We bought a 15000 square foot school building.  As in, to LIVE in.  LOL!  Before you write us off as looney, let me tell you this story:

Earlier this week, end of last week, Papa began getting this urge that he needed to get his family settled.  The house we are in now is just not functional for our needs, ambitions, goals, dreams, etc.  So he began spending most of his days googling, surfing the internet, looking around, driving places (Mama managed to get her long overdue dates!) and nothing was settling quite right.  He got plenty of ideas, and looked in all the strangest places not willing to have a box around what God could do.  Well, on Wednesday we got a call that a couple good friends of our's were flying back from Honduras into Louisville and needed someone to pick them up.  Papa would go, and I would go with him (they were flying in on Thursday evening).  On Thursday morning Papa got a call from another friend (who lives in a school, I might add) that these two schools within twenty miles of each other were going up for sale - one on Friday morning, one on Saturday.  And come to find out, they were ON THE WAY to Louisville.  So on Thursday Papa and I set out and we stopped by the school on the way to Louisville.  Papa's words to after leaving the school were "I'm having a hard time containing my excitement".  I guess the "no boxes around God" took on a new meaning for me about then... :-)  Schools are a little ...umm.... sterile?!  Anyway, we got home late and Papa said that the older kids and Mama were to get up early to go to the auction yesterday morning (Friday).  So Papa, Mama, Jared, Ben, Caleb, Rebekah, and Naomi all up and left at around seven.  I was home with the four youngest getting the work done because we had company come in for the weekend last night.  I got the call around 11 that he had bought the school.  Wow!  I wasn't sure whether to laugh or cry.  Mama sounded kind of similiar.

So, folks, that's how it runs.  Papa wants to be moved in beginning of November.  And Oh, the remodeling that must take place before we'll ever be comfortable in such a place.  But hey, there's room to work!  There's a big gym, seven large classrooms, a commercial kitchen, a huge library, several teacher's offices/lounges, other rooms, and lots of hallways... :-)  Other than that, we'll not have to play on a hillside anymore.  We can run and not be weary, walk and not faint...etcetera. :-)

Oh, I have to tell this story!  Southerners CRACK ME UP!  I wasn't there, but I'll try to recount it exactly as I heard it.  After Papa bought the place they had lots of people coming up and introducing themselves as our new neighbors.  As everyone was leaving a lady came up to Papa and they were talking.  She said "Do you know anything about the guy who bought this place?"  Papa decided to play on it I guess "yeah, sure do".  She said "I heard he has TEN children, five of them adopted and some of them handicapped!"  Caleb (who was standing there) left to go and have a good laugh.  Papa said "yeah, he does have ten kids.  I don't think any are adopted, but the oldest ones are handicapped".  (Of all the nerve of him!  He was referring what he affectionately calls "teenagers losing their heads".  I suppose that makes them handicapped, huh?  Losing their heads is a mean way of saying they're going through adolescense.  I scorn to reply to that!  I think he meant his sons... :-) ) anyway, the lady just kind of nodded and they kept talking about the people that bought that place... :-)  Then she had to leave, and she left none the wiser!  How in the world did that come about?!  Where in the world would that story come from?  Out of the woodworks if I know a good southerner!

Well, folks, that's our story.  Keep checking back to see the status of the Lindsey Family who are no longer home schoolers, but school-homers.  We'll be living a royalty of space!