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Aug 21, 2009

Week of Blessings

Category: Everyday News
Posted by: jared

My Great-Grandparents (Paul and Ginny Hinds) came this week.  They arrived on Tuesday afternoon and we spent a couple of sweet days with these special people.  Grandma got to be with her dad once again - those moments are rare and to be treasured.  Out came Rumikub, MadGab, Carcasson, Dutch Blitz, Scategories, etc.  If you can't tell, these people like games... :-)  They got an unexpected call on Thursday from Uncle Tim that their house had been broken into, so they left in a hurry a little sooner than we would have liked.  It was such a sweet visit!

We also got an unexpected call from our dear friends the Stegamans who have spent the last fifteen years of their lives in Guyana with the Akowaio people creating a written language for them and translating the New Testament into the language that they have created and taught.  They are in the United States for a few months visiting friends and family and reporting to people who have given to their work for the Lord.  They were sort of passing through, and they only do that once every four years.  So they came up from Knoxville for the afternoon on Wednesday and SUCH a sweet time we had.  Mr. Ray and Miss Dee have known my parents for probably twenty years and they have a lot of old and mutual aquaintances.  Their children Hannah and Luke have spent their lives in Guyana and fluently speak the Akowaio language.  Now they are going to be moving to Papua New Guinea for more mission work.  These guys are such a blessing!  It was wonderful to see them again and all too short of a visit.

We have a bit of a long weekend coming up.  Be sure to see the calendar and stop by to see us!

Smiles for your day!