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Oct 22, 2009

Update 10-22-09

Category: Everyday News
Posted by: jared

Hey Everyone!

I guess we've been a bit slack in updates lately, eh?  Here's the most recent.  A musician's/singer's nightmare - WE'RE ALL SICK!  We were in Tennessee all of last weekend and oh the hills we had to climb with our poor voices!  A couple of good laughs, but I think we overcame pretty well all things considered.  We were warmly welcomed in the several towns we passed through in TN.  It was a pleasant trip, although cold.  Grandpa Lindsey was down for the weekend as well which is ALWAYS such a blessing!  He even debuted his new song - the Wreck of the Old '97  :-)  It was rather spontaneous, but he did great!

This week Papa has been in Boston, MA and we had some dear friends in from Ohio.  Although the project with Sara Richardson was cancelled for this project, we did record a song with her that Jared is currently in the studio finishing as I speak.  I think he wants me to come do backup vocals, but I'm stalling.  And I have to record bass...  I love being in the studio!  Jared becomes a different person when he produces, though.  :-)

He is also currently working on a songwriting project for a friend's wedding.  It's in two weeks and he's not yet ready.  I think he just likes to wait until the last minute to do everything!

This weekend we will all be travelling to Knobb Creek for something that is not related to our music!!  Isn't that different?  We will be joining the Southern Kentucky Appleseed Shoot which I think has a lot of American Roots History involved in the weekend of learning to shoot military style.  Hmmm...  I intend to come away a Rifleman!

You all have a great weekend!


Elisabeth for the bunch