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Oct 29, 2009

A Peek into Lindsey Life on Steroids!

Category: Everyday News
Posted by: jared

Last night marked yet another eccentric and spontaneous night in Lindsey Land when a bit of a problem arose concerning the surveying of our land.  Papa's voice rang up the stairs "all who want and Algebra lesson, come on down!"  (Those who are not aware, this is a common phrase in our house and the "Algebra Lesson" can be replaced with any such lesson concerning anything from a theological debate to a matrix for recording preparation.)  At any rate, several of us piled downstairs to plop into those well worn (should I say "sat"?) seats to embark on a two hour long lesson about how Papa figured out a missing point on the survey...  This involved a lot of Algebra, and a little bit of Trigonometry.  At the end of this lesson we had all used a common algebraic formula to find this particular missing point and line on the survey which was very cool... :-)  And because many of you like to know what home life is like in Lindsey Land, I will post pictures later of this "event" so that you have a taste of evenings in our home.  I do hope you enjoy... :-)

On a different note, we thank the Lord for preserving the lives of Papa and Ben yesterday as they travelled to the school in the big van with a trailer and Papa got stung by a bee and presumably (unconfirmed as of right now) had a never-before-had allergic reaction that evidently cut off oxygen from his brain while he was driving.  Ben (thankfully) has a level head on his shoulders and was able to take over steering after they ran over a mailbox and he realized that Papa was not "there".  The Lord must have reached down and done something because as Ben was pondering how in the world he was going to get this basically unconscious driver to stop, Papa applied the brake and they got into a parking lot where Ben called 911.  We have not confirmed that it was the bee sting, but it seems the most logical explanation.  Moral of this story is already written in the new drivers manuals as a priority -  if you begin to feel wrong and sick in any way, do not wait for the prime place to pull over or you may never get the chance.  Do it right away.  :-)

On a yet different note... Plans still progress for moving sometime at the end of next month (hopefully).  We have been so blessed by the help of our new neighbor's in Pierce preparing the school to move in.  You all know who you are, and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

We had a great visit with our friends the Richardsons from Ohio, an even better time at the Appleseed Shoot in Knob Creek, KY, and Jared produced a song for Sara as a fun project in the studio while they were here.  Perhaps I can persuade him to post it for you all.

Have a great week!  We'll see you all around!


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