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Dec 2, 2009

Wierd Wednesdays

Category: Everyday News
Posted by: A

Life is never normal in Lindsey Land, nor does it ever slow down!  A friend asked me on the phone last night with this hilarious incredulous lilt to his voice "do you guys ever NOT work?"  Big laugh!

We had a really pleasant blessing on Sunday when a couple taht had seen us at a festival in NY showed up at one of our concert's in KY... :-)  They had driven five hours that morning to come and see us from TN where they were with friends.  And God used the gentleman to encourage Papa's very DIScouraged heart.  We were honored and blessed.

Sometimes our crowd can be hilarious.  As the song says "there's one in every crowd".  This lady on Sunday evening was whispering very loudly behind me to her friend naming off instruments with this enthusiastic "oh, I know what that one is!!!"  She got through most of them - the A and F style mandolin really confused her, but she pulled through.  I was facing the front and trying to hide my amusement when she pointed at the bass and whispered REALLY loudly "what on earth is that swelled up guitar thingy??"  I burst out laughing!  The husband of her friend told me when I turned around that they found her on the street and they were thinking about taking her back!

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving spent with lots of friends.  Great fellowship, good food, and fun!

Jared was banging around in the studio the other day...again...  Drums are unforgiveably loud!  He's written a new REALLY awesome song...  I like it better than Love Hurts.  Hopefully he will link his web page to our site soon so you all can go listen!

As for's cold, rainy, dreary, and I'm in high spirits despite it!  The guys are back working on our new dwelling so we're praying the weather won't be what it says it's going to be - 20 and below at nights.  And our bus heat pump doesn't work below 30*.  Why that is I'm sure I don't know, but I'm sure I could chat extensively about it with whoever installed and/or invented such a worthless contraption!

Two weeks left before number eleven graces our home.  I think Mama's beyond ready.  Her stomach was literally jolting her last night!  I looked over and she had this awed expression on her face like "how in the world is the thing doing that?"  I think it's feeling claustraphobic...  I sort of sympathize with the internal beating the thing's giving Mama!

We're in the process of working out a new set for the quicly upcoming Texas trip.  We'll be doing a concert with the Link Family and the Greer Family while we're there (not sure when) but I think it will be great.  Both family's are a lot of fun to be around, and I'm sure we'll have a wonderful time.  At any rate, the "new" Lindsey Family band will hopefully be in full effect by that time.  Slow going though I have to admit.

I'm also scheming to get a little vacation time in on S. Padre Island.  I think we've nailed it a bit because my whole family is feeling the need for vacation, but now I'm trying to connive and get some friends to come along!  What better way to spend a few days?  Beaches, friends, laughter, fun, talking, swimming, etc...etc... Hmmm...can't think of much!  And no better inspiration to write a song either!  That environment just keeps 'em coming!

Well, you all have the greatest day!  I'm sure I will :-)


Elisabeth for the bunch