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Dec 23, 2009

The Harvest is Plentiful...The Laborers are Few

Category: Everyday News
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Often in our ministry we tire of all the work involved when it seems that it's not doing that much in people's lives.  We all find great inner motivation when we see the fruit.  It's difficult for us to plow the ground that others get to plant seeds in, and others get to grow the harvest.  Yet in God's Kingdom I think that not one of those jobs is less than another, and not one of them any more fruitful.  We experienced this last night with a phone call from someone that loves our music.  Her testimony touched us all deeply.  I'd like to share it with you all,.

Her husband had not been faithful to God for many, many years.  He had to be dragged to church, and was not at all reticent to inform those who greeted him that he was there not of his desires.  A hard man.  His wife prayed for him for years and years a believer herself.  It was through the abundant grace of God and a chain of events begun years ago by God (our music ministry, our relocation to Kentucky, a meeting with a man before we moved that invited us to this church to play) that this man was saved last year at our concert.  On a side note, this concert was two days after a dear friend of ours drowned and we did the gig anyway because we felt called to honor our word.  Even though our hearts were not really looking forward to it.  Some of my family recalls meeting this man and his wife and the man saying with tears streaming down his face how blessed he had been.  We didn't think of it again until a month or so ago when we played a concert at the Columbia Downtown days in Kentucky and this couple approached us backstage with this incredible light of their faces - an unexplained joy.  When they shared with me just how much this man's life had changed because of us doing what the Lord called us to do, I called more of my family over and asked them to share with them as well.  We were honored and humbled by their story.  Again, we sort of forgot about it.

We heard a couple weeks ago through some friends during a flash flood over near Columbia that a woman had gotten stuck in the creek in her car and a man (her husband) had come in with a tractor to get her out.  The tractor had flipped and the man was washed away (found 17 miles down stream).  We were shocked, but didn't think too long about it.

The woman that called last night was the man's wife.  The man was the one that got saved at our concert.  The man who many testify changed so much in the last year that is was perfectly clear that his life had done a complete turnaround.  He never came to the alter in front of the gathering to openly testify, but his life changed completely.  His wife was radiant, and there was so much joy.  And she called to tell us that the last couple of weeks have been so much easier for her because she knows where he is.  When we finally connected all the dots we were again amazed and humbled at how the Lord works.

Blessings to you all,

The Lindsey Family