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Dec 27, 2009


Category: Everyday News
Posted by: A

Us older five were in the studio studiously (no pun intended) recording and producing for the completion of the collection of hymns CD's when there was a call from none other than John and Joyce Rossbach who were with family in Nashville over the holiday's and wanted to pop up and see us!  Always a pleasure!

We spent the greater part of the day with them - mostly getting new and good tips and information... (they're both good at that! *wink*)

Miss Joycie is a wealth of knowledge (no offense Mr. R!) and she re-inspired my inspiration to start up square dancing and tapping (clogging, step dancing).  I'd forgotten how much I like square dancing!

They even brought along Banjo (their dog... :-) )  Isn't that name creative?!

I guess we didn't really give a forewarning about that CD project.  We're working hard to complete the Hymns Collection so that we can begin the process of revamping our set lists to more original material.  Joy, joy.  We'll hopefully have this project finished by the Texas trip and a whole new set worked up....but you know how things go!

Keep checking in...we'll be around more in a couple weeks!

With love,

Elisabeth for Lindsey Land