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26 Sep 2009 at 09:28
Grandpa Lindsey ( Chillicothe, OH )
Just puttering around the house this weekend trying to get caught up on a few things, and day dreaming about the great time I had last weekend. A job well done by the lindsey-family. What a great group of people I had the pleasure of meeting and talking with. I came away with a whole new outlook on life. Of course then I arrived home and had to start the old grind again, then my outlook got a litte cloudy, not for long though. Anyway to all the Lindsey children who participated in the contests, GREAT JOB. I am one proud Grandpa. Love to all.
20 Sep 2009 at 20:14
don garner ( New Castle, Indiana , usa )
was in burkesville this weekend and enjoyed your performances at the bg festival.congratulations on winning the competition. what a talented family you are. good luck in all your pursuits in the coming years.
20 Sep 2009 at 19:59
Neal Poindexter
Congratulation on being #1 at the Cumberland County Bluegrass Festival! ! !
18 Sep 2009 at 13:06
Jim Gilbert ( Okeechobee, Florida )
Hi, I am a pastor in florida and my dad goes to church at Temple Baptist in Glasgow, Ky. I just wanted to tell you all how you were a blessing to my dad and sister. They are still talking about your family. May God bless you and yours
12 Sep 2009 at 13:24
Cindy ( Glasgow, KY , USA )
Saw you at Temple Baptist Church. You were a blessing. You planted a seed. My son now wants to play an instrument. I purchased all you CD's and enjoy them daily. Look forward to seeing you again. May God bless you all in your travels.
02 Sep 2009 at 10:03
C. Gene Lindsey ( Orlando, FL , USA )
Hello musical Lindseys.
We may be distant cousins.
I'm part of a DNA study to trace Lindsey/Lindsay genealogy. See the results at
I enjoy your music.
Best Wishes.
31 Aug 2009 at 13:36
Brooke Curry ( Green County, KY , USA )
I heard ya'll sing at Houk's Chapel Sunday morning and got a blessing out of it. Sunday night at New Hope Baptist Church was fun. Ya'll should come back to our church. See Ya Soon. God Bless.
30 Aug 2009 at 21:45
Robbie Young ( Greensburg, Kentucky , United States )
Just wanted to leave a note telling you all that I really do enjoy your music and am very impressed by the closeness of your family while doing what you clearly love. God Bless
27 Aug 2009 at 16:55
randy ( tompkinsville ky , kerr )
Hello I am a D.J. at the local radio station here in Tompkinsville Ky. and we play your music ---wtky 1370 am -92.1 fm--wkwy 101.5 fm-wvfb 102.7 fm
16 Aug 2009 at 20:44
Wooten Family ( Glasgow, KY 42141 , USA )
Hello Lindsey Family-we are members @ Temple Baptist Church, Glasgow, KY. We enjoyed your family very much tonight! What a blessing! Welcome back anytime. We purchased 2 CDS to enjoy. Thanks to your family & GOD BLESS YOU ALL!!

Wooten Family
Harold, Mary, & Josh
13 Aug 2009 at 08:54
Autum ( Durhamville, New York )
Hey guys, the pictures turned out great!! Heard about your school! Hope you save a room for me;) Love ya
05 Aug 2009 at 20:06
Judy Corbin ( Green County , US )
I heard about the family with "a lot" of kids purchasing the Pierce School over the weekend. Rather, my husband heard about you while he was frying fish at a church in Adair Co. I think someone was there from Fry or Pickett 's Chapel. News sure travels fast in these small "Southern" towns.
Today, I heard the "real" amazing family story. It will be such a pleasure to meet you at some point in time. I think your family is really neat and admirable.
Loved your photos on the web. I can't imagine a large family as I was an only child. Must be exciting.
02 Aug 2009 at 20:17
Carol Henderson ( Pierce :) , USA )
Hey !! So I hear we are going to be neighbors!! Yeah!! I am very excited to hear the great news and can't wait to meet all of you!
31 Jul 2009 at 23:02
August and Briele :)
Hey yall...
Briele and August here :)
Come back to NY soon or we will have to come there...
Just let us know when you get the horses. Anyways.. miss yall
~Auggie and Briele~
31 Jul 2009 at 11:41
Grandpa Lindsey ( chillicothe oh )
Just setting here looking at pictures, and remembering all the fun I have had with you guys. Looking forward to some more fun. Jarod, just wanted to thank you for the sailing lesson, My legs have not worked right since Elisabeth, if you hadn't went with us, we would probably still be bailing water out of the boat. It was a great experience. Now when someone asks if I want to go sailing I will remember what all goes along with that. I go to this website almost everyday to see what is new. I really appreciate the work that you guys do to keep up with it. Ya'all keep on Pickin.
love Grandpa L.
30 Jul 2009 at 17:13
J T Browning ( Johnson City, NY , USA )
Hey there....jsut a note to say "hey, all y'all!" I hope all is well as you continue your travels. Little white church is still ringing from your performance there last month. And, as a result of you asking me to come up and help you sing bass on that one song, I've been asked to become the worship leader here at LWC! That's gonna be a bit of a stretch for me, 'cause I'm used to playing in a band, but not standing up front singing and leading others in worship. but, I feel that God is giving me a gentle shove out of the nest so I lealrn learn how to fly - or in this case, to learn how to lead singing. Godspeed in all your endevors!!!
23 Jul 2009 at 12:21
Corri Lenaghen ( Rome, NY , USA )
Just stopping in to say hello. Amazed at how much everyone has grown (Not you Skip!) All is well, hope the same for you. God Bless!!!!
22 Jul 2009 at 19:57
Shirley Poynter ( Glasgow,Ky. , U.S.A. )
Enjoyed your web page, nice looking family. God bless your travels
21 Jul 2009 at 20:35
maxyjewel& fred ( oshawa , canada )
hi lindsey family
oh my u are a blessing just had to sign in your book ,caught your act in renfrew canada ont and it was awsome ,we bought your cd and it will lightnin our life ,i even went your bus and got autgraghs all yours names what a pleasure that was ,well best to u all and would love to hear from u all anytime ,just had to let u know what a pleasure it was ,yours in christ
maxyjewel & fred
20 Jul 2009 at 07:39
Barry Bunch ( Barren Co. Kentucky , USA )
Hey Guys and Girls,
Just wanted to see how your tour went or maybe is still going. Just had you on my mind this morning. Love you all very much!
Your Cedar Grove Buddy,